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the pure, the bright, the beautiful,一切纯洁的,辉煌的,美丽的,

that stirred our hearts in youth,强烈地震撼着我们年轻的心灵的,

the impulses to wordless prayer,推动着我们做无言的祷告的,

the dreams of love and truth;让我们梦想着爱与真理的;

the longing after something's lost,在失去后为之感到珍惜的,

the spirit's yearning cry,使灵魂深切地呼喊着的,

the striving after better hopes--为了更美好的梦想而奋斗着的--

these things can never die.这些美好不会消逝。

the timid hand stretched forth to aid羞涩地伸出援助的手,

a brother in his need,在你的兄弟需要的时候,

a kindly word in grief's dark hour伤恸、困难的时候,一句亲切的话

that proves a friend indeed:就足以证明朋友的真心:

the plea for mercy softly breathed,轻声地乞求怜悯,

when justice threatens nigh,在审判临近的时候,

the sorrow of a contrite heart--懊悔的心有一种伤感--

these things shall never die.这些美好不会消逝。

let nothing pass for every hand在人间传递温情,

must find some work to do;尽你所能地去做;

lose not a chance to waken love--别错失了唤醒爱的良机--

be firm, and just, and true:为人要坚定,正直,忠诚:

so shall a light that cannot fade因此光芒就不会消失

beam on thee from on high.


and angel voices say to thee--你将听到天使的声音在说--

these things shall never die.这些美好不会消逝。


throw out nonessential numbers. this includes age,weight and height. let the doctor worry about them.that's why you pay him/her.一些无关紧要的数字不要挂怀,包括你的年龄、体重和身高。让医生来操心吧。因为他们收了你的报酬。

keep only cheerful friends. the grouches pull you down.结交快乐的朋友。整日愁眉不展只能让你雪上加霜。

keep learning. learn more about the computer, crafts,gardening, whatever. never let the brain idle. "an idlemind is the devil's workshop. and the devil's name isalzheimer's."学无止境。多学学电脑、手艺、园艺等等。不要让你的大脑闲置下来。无所事事是魔鬼的加工厂。魔鬼的名字叫“痴呆症”。

enjoy the simple things.享受简单事物的乐趣。

laugh often, long and loud. laugh until you gasp forbreath.多笑,开怀大笑。上气不接下气地笑。

the tears happen. endure, grieve, and move on. the onlyperson who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. bealive while you are alive.有泪就流。在忍耐和伤心过后,要继续前行。陪伴我们度过此生的只有一人--那就是我们自己。让生命鲜活起来。

surround yourself with what you love, whether it's family,pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. yourhome is your refuge.让你的所爱包围着你,无论是家人、宠物、纪念品、音乐、植物、爱好,什么都好。你的家就是避风港。

cherish your health: if it is good, preserve it. if it isunstable, improve it. if it is beyond what you canimprove, get help.珍惜健康:如果它还好端端的,就好好地保护它。如果它反复无常,就调养好它。如果你已无力改善它了,就请别人帮忙吧。

don't take guilt trips. take a trip to the mall, to the nextcountry, to a foreign country, but not to where the guiltis.别踏上犯罪的道路。你可以去逛街,可以到邻县去,可以出国旅行,但就是别踏上犯罪的道路。

tell the people you love that you love them, at everyopportunity.把你的爱告诉你所爱着的人们,把握住每一个表达机会。

and always remember: life is not measured by thenumber of breaths we take, but by the moments thattake our breath away.千万记住:度量生命的不是呼吸的次数,而是那些最最难忘的时刻。


when times become difficult (and you know theysometimes will), remember a moment in your life that wasfilled with joy and happiness.当你身陷困境的时候(你有时会),回想你生命中快乐和幸福的时刻。

remember how it made you feel, and you will have thestrength you need to get through any trial.回想它是如何使你快乐,你便有了走出困境的勇气。

when life throws you one more obstacle than you thinkyou can handle, remember something you achievedthrough perseverance and by struggling to the end.当面对重重困难,你感觉举步维艰的时候,回想你以前是如何坚持到底战胜困难的最后时刻的。

in doing so, you'll find you have the ability to overcomeeach obstacle brought your way.这样,你就会发现你有能力克服每个障碍。

when you find yourself drained and depleted of energy,remember to find a place of sanctuary and rest.当你觉得精疲力尽的时候,暂时离开,让自己稍作休息。

take the neccessary time in your own life to dream yourdreams and renew your energy, so you'll be ready to faceeach new day.给自己留点时间做做梦,充一下电,这样你就能以崭新的面貌去面对每一天。

when you feel tension building, find something fun to do.you'll find that the stress you feel will dissipate and yourthoughts will become clearer.


when you're faced with so many negative and drainingsituations, realize how minuscule problems will seem whenyou view your life as a whole--and remember the positivethings.当你面对重重困难的时候,要意识到相对于你的整个生命,这些难题其实是微不足道的--铭记你生命中美好的东西。